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Suika is a Raillord for the Nakakuni Railroad Sōkō Tōtomi 4 2000 locomotive.


Suika is one of the only Raillords from China. Her birthplace was the China Railway. Her assigned line is China Railway Unified Company. She was created with the intention to rehabilitate China railways. She is carrying the pride of her country on her back. Collaborating with Japanese raillords is one of the many ways she does this. She is bilingual and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to both China and Japan.


Suika wears a green railroad uniform with and a light gray hat. She has long black hair and amber-colored eyes.


Suika is very kind and always excited to learn more. She is also happy to share any and all her knowledge of China and the railways there. She is easy to get along with and is has a natural talent for almost everything she picks up. Other than jokes, at least. Her sense of humor is very poor and she struggles understanding how to make jokes and if they are actually funny.