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Shirogane is a Raillord for the EF10 23 locomotive. She is reserved, meek.


Her birthplace is Hinomoto Manufacturing. Her line is Kanmon Railway. Her main task is transporting goods. Her type was in mass production at one point, but her history of success has made her one of the elite. She would often transport through newly opened tunnels, which made her the most experienced in that area.


Shirogane wears a gray two-piece uniform with a white blouse underneath. She has short gray hair and green eyes. Throughout the series she can been seen with a spaced-out look.


Shirogane comes across as very reserved, quiet and nonchalant. However she is far from being cold. She seems to be in her own world a lot of the time, but does not forget to pay attention to her surroundings. Her tendency to being reserved makes her easy to be overlooked, dismissed as one of the elites. She is very attentive when others would least expect it. Assuming she uses her silence to sit back and assess every situation thoroughly. She supplies effective assistance to everyone around her in a seemingly effortless manner.

Shirogane is one of the many enraptured with Ran. Her and Ran share a unique bond where Ran only cares if Shirogane is by her side. The two fit each other perfectly.