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Riiko is a Raillord for the Tōbu Railway 5 locomotive. She is self-centered, attempting to be more mature.


Riiko was born in Britain, Meyer-Leecock Manufacturing. Her assigned line is Toubu Misezaki line.


Riiko wears a black railroad that have red ruffles at the end of the sleeves. She has green hair, that's tied back with a hairclip.


Riiko lacks initiative and an attention span. She fixates on bugs rather than the task at hand. Her aloofness does make following directions difficult and unreliable when requested to do something. When she completes a task, it’s as though she is merely droning through it.

Others have called her “simple” for this behavior, when in all actuality she is rather intelligent when it comes to insects. If her special interest is somehow intertwined with a task, she will complete it with ease.

She has been kept around since her obsession with bugs seems to be genuine and pure. No one around her can find a reason to actually be mad with her for not paying attention.