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Ran is a Raillord for the D51 840 locomotive, specializing in electric and radio gadgets.


Ran was manufactured in Hinomoto Kawasaki. Her assigned line is Old Imperial Railways, Takazaki Railway Yokokawa Line. Due to her beauty, she was tasked with restoring popularity to the Old Imperial Railway. She has toured the entire nation and was dubbed "Prince of the Raillords".


She wears a black railroad uniform with a white ruffle blouse underneath and a matching short skirt and cloak. She also wears white gloves like that of Japanese train drivers. She has gray hair and hazel-amber eyes. Her hair is tied back into a bun with a thin, black ornament which resemble the feedwater heater of the D51 class resting over it in the back. Paired with this look, she has a strong and deep voice. She is renowned for her beauty, coming across as very mature and refined.


Ran is very confident and passionate in her work of restoring popularity in railways. Her ability to enrapture people with her speech makes her one many surround for inspiration. Her goals are everyone's goals. She is described as having ordinary abilities as far as particular talents go. However, her tactfulness is impressive. One of her favorite things to do is to tinker with electronics.