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Kurenai is a Raillord for the Kiha 101 locomotive.


Her birthplace is Hinamoto Kawasaki Railroad Manufacturing. Her line is Hisatsu Mikan Railroad. She is a railcar/passenger or storage type of car. As she is mostly frequented by passengers, her modest yet essential role makes her popular. She is a refined version of an older prototype. Kurenai also goes by the name "Beni".


Kurenai wears a red railroad uniform with blue pants, a bit less formal than the other characters. Moreover, she wears a white blouse under her uniform and a red tie. She completes her look with a white hat that has blue bows on it. She has long red hair that reach past her mid-section.


Kurenai/Beni is very competitive, even when the odds are stacked against her. She has a good sense of sportsmanship and her competitiveness is a result of merely wanting to prove her worth and be respected. She is all-around someone of good nature. She works extremely hard to benefit the Mikan railroad. Her ability to get along with others and playfulness makes her pleasant to be around.