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Kiko is a Raillord for the Nakoya Railroad's Hoji 6016 locomotive.


Kiko was born in the Hinomoto Steam Engine Manufacturing center. Her assigned line is Nagotetsu Kamogun Line. She is rather obsolete, but her looks and popularity with the masses is why she remains on the line.


Kiko wears a black railroad uniform in the form of a dress with red stripes and the number 6016 on each side of her dress' sleeves. She has long gray hair which she adorns with red and white bows, and red eyes.


Kiko has rather refined tastes and often indulges in luxuries other Raillords are not old enough to even consider. She can only sleep in a bed that has a canopy. Her sense of style is very retro, making her unique amongst the other raillords that are more modern. She thinks eating coal by itself is uncultured, so she grinds it up to put it in her coffee. Her classy and vintage charm is one of her prominent attributes.