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Kakaa is a motherly Raillord for the Deha 101 locomotive.


Kakaa is self-described as extremely busy to the point she will only rest after she is retired. Her birthplace is Hinomoto Kawasaki Railroad Manufacturing. Her assigned line is Joushuu Electric Train line. She travels from Daigo station to Kiryuu West station. She is the top raillord for electric trains. Jouden is very dependent on her. Hoping to be more independent, she has joined the Raillord summit.


Kakaa wears a brown railroad uniform and underneath a white ruffle blouse underneath and white gloves, she completes her uniform with a light-brown hat. She has dark-brown hair, which she wears in two pig tails and reach past her ears.


Kakaa is known for her motherly personality that many seek comfort in. She is extremely protective and nurturing to those she sees needing such treatment. In her good intent, she can be overbearing and coddle others more than necessary. This can lead to others needing her like a crutch to support themselves, which becomes a burden to her. She is kind to a default, so much so that she ends up being used.